AR Tags

Package: ar_recog

Launch file: aqua.launch

Build AR Toolkit

  • Go to ar_recog directory
roscd ar_recog/
  • Run to build if you haven't done it yet


Check Launch File

  • Run AR tag command
roslaunch ar_recog aqua.launch
  • Check if the camera detects AR tags. For example, you can use '0' for calibration.
  • If it doesn't detect correctly, check rqt_graph


  • Make sure topic(s) going into /aqua/ar_recog is shown in launch file
  • Check launch file and change the topic name(s) if it mismatches
rosed ar_recog aqua.launch
  • Launch again and check if AR tags work properly with rqt_image_view
roslaunch ar_recog aqua.launch