MDPM Tracker

Mixed-Domain Periodic Motion (MDPM) tracker introduces a robust and efficient algorithm for an underwater robot to detect and track its companion diver. Its major components are:

  • An encoding scheme to capture arbitrary motion direction of a diver:


  • . Features in consideration:
  • Tracking spatial- and frequency-domain features pertaining to human swimming pattern
  • Frequency-domain signatures capture periodic flipping along diver's swimming direction (ref: [1])
  • Spatial-domain features allow searching for arbitrary motion directions at reasonable computation


  • Search-space pruning:
    • a Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based search space pruning methodology to avoid searching through an exponentially large search-space  


For further details: Paper, Poster IEEE explore (ICRA 2017 proceedings)

Video: A test scneario where the diver is swimming straight-on, away from the robot.