A collection of links of public resources, e.g., paper, code, and data for various projects. Please note that the datasets are available for academic research purpose only. The individual projects listed above are hosted and maintained by the project leads; however, the snapshot of the project code at the time of publication is also maintained in the IRVLab GitHub repository.

Project Relevant Paper(s) Code Data
Deep SESR Pre-print 20 GitHub UFO-120
Deep Diver Detection (DDD) RA-L 18 (ICRA 19) [pdf] GitHub On-request*
Robot-Chat-Gest JFR 18 [pdfICRA 18 [pdf] GitHub X
UGAN ICRA 18 [pdf] GitHub  Dataset Model
FUnIE-GAN Pre-print 19 GitHub EUVP
SRDRM-GAN Pre-print 19   GitHub USR-248


* E-mail the PI of the project, with your affiliation, he will get back to you.