The EUVP dataset

Name: The EUVP (Enhancing Underwater Visual Perception) datasaet
Data: Paired and unpaired underwater images of poor and good perceptual quality
Usage: Training deep models for underwater image enhancement

Details about the dataset can be found in this paper; please cite it as: 

    title={Fast Underwater Image Enhancement for Improved Visual Perception},
    author={Islam, Md Jahidul and Xia, Youya and Sattar, Junaed},
    journal={IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L)},

Paired data:

The paired dataset is prepared using a procedure suggested in our earlier work by Fabbri et al. We have recently refined and updated this data collectively. Three paired datasets are included, the statistics are as follows:

Dataset Name Training Pairs Validation Total Images
Underwater Dark 5550 570 11670
Underwater ImageNet 3700 1270 8670
Underwater Scenes 2185 130 4500

Unpaired data:

Poor quality Good quality Validation Total Images
3195 3140 330 6665