Minnesota Interactive Robotics and Vision Laboratory

The IRV Lab conducts research on underwater robotics, human-robot collaboration, robot vision, application of robotics in healthcare, and assisted and autonomous driving. We are located at the Gemini-Huntley Robotics Research Laboratories in the Shepherd Laboratories building, and we are a member of the Minnesota Robotics Institute



The IRV Lab is directed by Junaed Sattar, Associate Professor and MNDrive faculty at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota.

Further information on our work can be found on our Projects page. Robots and people are featured on the People page. For videophiles, our YouTube page is here, and we are also on Instagram as @irvlabumn.

Students interested in pursuing research with us at any levels of academia are strongly urged to read this first.

We gratefully acknowledge the support provided to us for our research by our sponsors.

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