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The IRV Lab's Trident ROV

The Trident is an underwater ROV developed by OpenROV, and can be used for underwater exploration and surveillance.  The lab obtained its first Trident ROV in May 2018.

Powering Trident On and Off

The Trident is turned on and off by screwing in the cable connector to the top of the Trident. Ensure that there is no water in the hole or on the connector, and screw until reasonably tight. Do not over-tighten.  

Remember that whenever the cable is screwed in, the Trident is on. There is no way to turn it off with the cable in.

How To Connect To Trident

To connect to the Trident, screw the yellow connector cable to the Trident, ensuring that it is screwed into the Topside as well (the small white rectangle which comes with the Trident). There are three lights on the Topside, indicating power, WiFi connection, and overall readiness.  Wait until all three lights are lit green, then connect to the WiFi network the Topside is producing. The SSID and password are on the back of the Topside. Ensure that you have LTE data turned off on your phone, or the Android operating system will prioritize that and not operate properly with the Trident.

How To Swim Trident

To swim the Trident, use the Android app to control the pitch, yaw, and surge.  There is a button which turns the lights on and off, and a button which controls the propeller speeds between one of three speeds. You can control the values for these speeds and turn on telemetry in the settings of the app.

Data Collection With Trident

To record dives, you can press the record button in the cockpit. The best way to get access to those dives is to connect a Google Drive account and upload the dives directly from your phone.