Data Collection Policies


  • On the vision stack, data is stored under /data, which is a seperate drive with approximately 140 GB of space.
  • On the OCU, data is stored under /data, which has several hundred GB of free space.
  • Off local drives, all data should be stored on the IRVLab_home_drive on Google Drive, under IRVLab_home_drive/datasets-irv. 


During a field trial, capture data to either the OCU (if running tethered) or the vision stack.  Whenever possible, offload data to the OCU since the Vision stack's available space is significantly smaller.  Once data is on the OCU, it can be offloaded to portable drives and/or uploaded to Google Drive.  All data should be on Google Drive as soon as possible to avoid data loss.  Whenever feasible, keep at least one local copy of data as well as the data on Google Drive. Do not use the vision stack or the OCU as permanent storage, as they may undergo changes  or damage.