General Operations

Once your robot is powered up, connected, and you've checked to make sure that ROS is communicating properly, there are several things you might want to do, whether you are running on the bench or in a field trial.

Calibrate Legs and Start Underwater Swimmer Mode

rosservice call /aqua/callibrate

The legs will rotate, then rotate back after five seconds. Ensure that there is nothing in the way of the legs, and that your hands are clear.

Start Cameras

This must be run on the vision stack.

roslaunch aqualaunch irv_all_cams.launch

This will start the cameras at the standard IRV parameters. To test that this is working, you can run:


This must either be run on the OCU, or through an ssh session which as X-forwarding on, which can be initiated as follows:

ssh vision -X

Set up Joystick Teleoperation

Before trying to set this up, plug in the joystick dongle. Run both of these commands on the OCU.

rosrun joy joy_node
roslaunch aquajoy aqua_joy.launch

Now you should be able to control Minnebot with your controller. Controller mappings will be added here in the near future.