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Swimming with Minnebot

Home of the Aqua 8 Minnebot wiki. Master Aqua wiki is hosted here. You need an account at the master Aqua wiki to view certain pages, and edit anything at all. The links below important information for everyday use of Minnebot, and information specific to our group. Before operating Minnebot, it is best that you read all of this.


      Getting Started

      Specifications Sheet

      Pool Trial Cheat Sheet

Operation Modes

      General Operation

      Bench Operation

      Field Operation


Hardware Related

      Flipper Attachment

      General Assembly Information

      Ballasting Information

Software Related

      ROS Tips and Policies

      Subsystems Breakdown (from master Aqua Wiki)

      Startup Configuration

      AR Tags

      Aqua/Minnebot Menu

      Data Collection Policies

      Putting Your Own Code On Aqua

      Current Issues

      Software In Development

      Where To Find The Code

      Gazebo Simulator Installation Instructions

      Camera IMU Calibration and Processing


     Failure Modes

The information in this wiki is always in flux.  Depend on your own understanding of the robot, and if you find something that isn't correct, fix it.